Seminar room IV (Bahrenfeld Campus (DESY), Hamburg)

Seminar room IV

Bahrenfeld Campus (DESY), Hamburg

CFEL, building 99, Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg
Welcome to the registration site for the "Women and Leadership" workshop. The workshop is designed for female doctoral candidates in physics and natural sciences.

The instructor is a leadership expert with many years of experience in teaching scientists. The workshop has a two day format so as to allow for in-depth training and feedback.

Target group are female doctoral candidates from all STEM research fields of Universität Hamburg (MIN Faculty) and DESY. 

Please note: The number of places is limited. Members of SFB 676 and SFB 925, CUI, and registered members of the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School and former participants in Anna Logica have privileged access to the workshops. 
Childcare will be provided. Please inform us upon registration.
This workshop series is a cooperation of Universität Hamburg's Collaborative Research Centers SFB 676 and SFB 925, the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging CUI, the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School, and Anna Logica - Women's Promotion Program of the MIN Faculty.
  • Alina Baranova
  • Alisa Gapchenko
  • Angela Schwabl
  • Antje Newig
  • Bahareh Shojaie
  • Brooke Shaughnessy
  • Carmen David
  • Christiane Diehl
  • Diana Gil
  • Dortje Schirok
  • Elli Pomoni
  • Imke Greving
  • Jannika Lauth
  • Julia Stockinger
  • Juliane Reinhardt
  • Leyre Goti
  • Li Li
  • Ling Ren
  • Maria Katsiaflaka
  • Marta Moyano
  • Michaela Meyns
  • Mirko Siemssen
  • Neda Lotfiomran
  • Priyadharshini Arunachalam
  • Qian Jiang
  • Rebekka Hoeing
  • Shadi Sajedi Shacker
  • Shafagh Dastjani farahani
  • Sheila Zamora
  • Silvia Messuti
  • Ulrike Boesenberg
  • Victoria Naipal
  • Wiebke Kircheisen
  • Wing Yi Li
  • Zeinab Eskandarian
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