XAFS16 Satellite Meeting - Data acquisition, treatment, storage – quality assurance in XAFS spectroscopy

from Friday, 21 August 2015 (08:30) to Saturday, 22 August 2015 (17:00)
DESY Hamburg (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)

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21 Aug 2015
22 Aug 2015
Opening (until 09:30) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
08:30 Registration   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
09:00 Welcome adress - Prof. Edgar Weckert (DESY)   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
09:15 Opening remarks - Dr Wolfgang Drube (DESY)   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
Data Storage/documentation (until 11:00) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
09:30 To be announced - Dr E. Wintersberger   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
10:00 An XAFS Data Interchange format - Dr B. Ravel   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
10:30 Progress Toward Improved XAFS Data Libraries - Dr M. Newville   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
11:00 --- Coffee break ---
Theory/Evaluation (until 12:30) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
11:30 Keynote Vector Analytics of Searching Chemical Complexity from FEFF Kernel Mixture Data Base - Dr J.M. Lee   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
12:00 Evaluation of spectra recorded at the two EXAFS beamlines at Indus-2 synchrotron - Dr S.K. Joshi   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
Instrumentation/QEXAFS (until 10:30) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
08:30 ROCK: the new QUICK-EXAFS beamline at SOLEIL - Dr V. Briois   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
09:00 QUATI: time-resolved XAS beamline at SIRIUS - Dr A. Rochet   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
09:30 High throughput in situ XAS data acquisitions in Li-ion batteries in one go – multiple sample and edge measurements - Dr D. Dixon   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
10:00 High level of automation is essential for high quality XAFS data - Dr S. Mangold   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Data collection (until 12:30) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
11:00 XAFS and X-ray Microprobe Data Collection with Larch, Epics, and PostgreSQL - Dr M. Newville   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
11:30 To be announced - Dr K. Klementiev   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
12:00 The data acquisition, analysis and storage system at the Spectroscopy Village beamlines, Diamond Light Source - Dr G. Cibin   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Improved detection and instrumentation (until 15:30) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
14:00 Quality Improvements for Fluorescence Detected XAFS Spectra - Dr C.T. Chantler (Uni. Melbourne)   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
14:30 XAFS data acquisition with 2D-detectors: Transmission mode XAFS of inhomogeneous samples and grazing incidence EXAFS spectroscopy - D. Lützenkirchen-Hecht (Uni. Wuppertal)   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
15:00 A versatile capillary flow cell for operando XAS and XRD: a case study on PdO-Co3O4 for CO oxidation - Dr L. Lukashuk   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
General Discussion (until 16:30) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
PETRA and PETRA extension tour (until 18:00) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
Dinner (until 22:00) (DESY Bistro)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
General Discussion (until 15:00) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
14:00 Open discussion   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
14:30 GLP, ISO900x, certification and EXAFS in a research environment? - Dr E. Welter   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
15:00 --- Coffee break ---
General Discussion (until 16:00) (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)
15:30 Conclusion - Dr E. Welter   (Seminarroom Bldg. 28c)