Women's Career Day 2015 for PhD students and postdocs

430-432 and 430-434 (4th floor) (Universität Hamburg, Geomatikum)

430-432 and 430-434 (4th floor)

Universität Hamburg, Geomatikum

Bundesstr. 55, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
Welcome to the registration site for the Women's Career Day 2015  for doctoral candidates and postdocs. In four tailor-made workshops you are invited to develop and strengthen key skills that will be very useful for your present and future professional career, be that within academia or in business and industry. The trainers are carefully selected experts with many years of experience in teaching scientists.
The workshops run parallel from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and are reserved for
female researchers from the research fields of Universität Hamburg's MIN faculty and DESY.
Please note: The number of places is limited. Members of SFB 676 and SFB 925, CUI, CliSAP, RTG 1670, and the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School have privileged access to the workshops.
  • a Tuukkanen
  • Alena Wiegandt
  • Alice Cantaluppi
  • Amanda Steber
  • Anja Schöbel
  • Anna Gieras
  • Antje Trapp
  • Antonia Karamatskou
  • Christiane Fröhlich
  • Diana Gil
  • Elisabetta Felaco
  • Ewa Janas
  • FRUTOS Inmaculada
  • Hülya Argüz
  • Ina Stelzer
  • Irene Dornmair
  • Julia Bialek
  • Julia Czechowicz
  • Julia Wernecke
  • Julia Ziegler
  • Karolin Mertens
  • Katharina Schmidt
  • Kathrin Rösch
  • Kerstin Hansen
  • Ksenia Gasnikova
  • Lucia Bortko
  • Madalina Chera
  • Magda Chegkazi
  • Maren Arnold-Vargen
  • Maria Katsiaflaka
  • Marie Rehders
  • Marta Sans
  • martha isabel bolivar lobato
  • Melissa Gräwert
  • Natalia Mannov
  • Nathalie Wrobel
  • Nicole Glanemann
  • Polina Marinova
  • Qian Jiang
  • Regine Dörbecker
  • Renuka Priyadarshani Suddapuli Hewage
  • Sarah Hofmann
  • Sheila Edith Zamora Lopez
  • Silvia Messuti
  • Susan Lassen
  • Suvi-Leena Lehtinen
  • Yuchen Han
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