Associated production of electroweak bosons and heavy mesons at LHCb and prospects to observe double parton interactions

Apr 14, 2016, 12:12 PM
SR1 (DESY, Hamburg)


DESY, Hamburg

QCD and Hadronic Final States WG2 QCD and Hadronic Final States


Dr Maxim Malyshev (SINP MSU)


The production of weak gauge bosons in association with heavy flavored mesons at the LHCb conditions is considered, and a detailed study of the different contributing processes is presented including single and double parton scattering mechanisms. We conclude finally, that double parton scattering dominates the production of same-sign WD states, as well as the production of W- bosons associated with B-mesons. The latter processes can thus be regarded as new useful DPS indicators.

Primary author

Dr Maxim Malyshev (SINP MSU)


Dr Alexander Snigirev (SINP MSU) Dr Artem Lipatov (SINP MSU) Dr Sergey Baranov (Lebedev Institute of Physics)

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