Twist-3 approach to hyperon polarization in unpolarized proton-proton collision

Apr 12, 2016, 5:10 PM
SR4a (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg

Spin Physics WG6 Spin Physics


Mr Kenta Yabe (Niigata University)


We study the transverse porlarization of hyperons produced in the high-energy unporlarized proton-proton collision in the framework of the collinear factorization. This phenomenon is one of the twist-3 observables and twist-3 distribution and fragmentation functions contribute. In this work, we focus on the former contribution and derive the LO complete cross-section. For the soft-gluon-pole term, we develope the”Master formula” which simplify the procedure of calculation and show explicitly that only the derivative term contributes. Moreover, we calculate the soft-felmion-pole contribution for the first time and show that it vanishes. These results provide a useful tool to explain the mechanism of the hyperon porlarization.

Primary author

Prof. Yuji Koike (Niigata University)


Mr Kenta Yabe (Niigata University) Dr Shinsuke Yoshida (Central China Normal University)

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