Resonance production in Pomeron-Pomeron collisions at the LHC

Apr 12, 2016, 5:50 PM
SR4b (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg

Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons WG5 Small-x and Diffraction


Dr Rainer Schicker (Phys. Inst., Heidelberg)


A Regge pole model for Pomeron-Pomeron total cross section in the resonance region $\sqrt{M^2}\le$ 5 GeV is presented. The cross section is saturated by direct-channel contributions from the Pomeron as well as from two different $f$ trajectories, accompanied by the isolated f$_0(500)$ resonance dominating the $\sqrt{M^{2}}\leq 1$ GeV region. A slowly varying background is taken into account. The calculated Pomeron-Pomeron total cross section cannot be measured directly, but is an essential part of central diffractive processes. In preparation of future calculations of central resonance production at the hadron level, and corresponding measurements at the LHC, we normalize the Pomeron-Pomeron cross section at large masses $\sigma_{t}^{PP} (\sqrt{M^2}\rightarrow \infty) \approx$ 1 mb as suggested by QCD-motivated estimates.

Primary author

Dr Rainer Schicker (Phys. Inst., Heidelberg)


Prof. Laszlo Jenkovszky (Bogolyubov Inst. for Theor. Physics, Kiev) Prof. Roberto Fiore (Dept. of Physics, Nat. Inst. of Nuclear Physics, University of Calabria)

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