The RHIC Cold QCD Plan for 2017 to 2023: A Portal to the EIC

Apr 13, 2016, 2:53 PM
SR2 (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg


Dr Elke-Caroline Aschenauer (BNL)


The exploration of the fundamental structure of strongly interacting matter has always thrived on the complementarity of lepton scattering and purely hadronic probes. As the community eagerly anticipates a future electron ion collider (EIC) in the U.S., an outstanding scientific opportunity remains to complete "must-do" measurements in p+p and p+A physics at RHIC in the years preceding the EIC. It will be discussed how the new measurements will be essential for the quest to go beyond our current, one-dimensional picture of parton densities by correlating, for instance, the information on the contribution of a parton to the spin of the nucleon with its transverse momentum and spatial position. If one extends the scope from a nucleon to nuclei, questions about saturation, the partonic structure of nuclei and the propagation, attenuation and hadronization of colored quarks and gluons can be studied. The relevant measurements will be described together with improved detector capabilities at forward rapidities at both STAR and sPHENIX.

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