The Belle II Experiment

Apr 13, 2016, 5:16 PM
SR3 (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg

Future Experiments WG7 Future Experiments


Dr Carlos Marinas (University of Bonn)


The Belle II experiment at the asymmetric $e^+e^-$ SuperKEKB collider is a major upgrade of the Belle experiment, which ran at the KEKB collider at the KEK laboratory in Japan. The design luminosity of SuperKEKB is $8\times 10^{35}$~cm$^{-2}$\,s$^{-1}$, which is about 40 times higher than that of KEKB. Commissioning of the main ring of SuperKEKB has started in February of this year and Belle~II is expected to accumulate an integrated luminosity of 50~ab$^{-1}$ well within the next decade. The experiment will focus on searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model via high precision measurements of heavy flavor and searches for rare signals. To reach these goals, the accelerator, detector, electronics, software, and computing systems are all being substantially upgraded. In this talk we present the status of the accelerator and of the different Belle II sub-detector upgrades.

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