A High Energy e-p/A Collider Based on CepC-SppC

Apr 13, 2016, 9:46 AM
SR3 (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg

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Dr Yuhong Zhang (Jefferson Lab)


The recent proposal of CepC and SppC, the next energy frontier e+e- and pp circular colliders by IHEP, China, in a common accelerator complex, provides an opportunity to realize collisions of protons or ions with electrons or positrons in an ultra-high range of center-of-mass energy up to 4.2 TeV. This paper presents a preliminary design study of this high energy e-p/A collider based on the CepC-SppC facility. The design parameters for different operational scenarios and anticipated luminosities (up to middle of 10^33 cm^-2 s^-1) will be given. We also discuss two staging approaches to realize this collider with a low cost and at an earlier time. The both first-phase approaches will be able to cover the well-studied science program of LHeC, with a luminosity several times higher than LHeC.

Primary author

Dr Yuhong Zhang (Jefferson Lab)

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