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The Challenge of Big Data in Science (4th International LSDMA Symposium)

Thursday, 1 October 2015 - 08:30
Building 30.10, KIT (Campus South) (Lecture Hall NTI)

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1 Oct 2015
08:30 --- Registration ---
09:00 Welcome, Introduction - Prof. Michael Decker (KIT) Prof. Achim Streit (KIT)   (Lecture Hall NTI)
09:30 Data and software preservation for open science - connecting publications with Cyberinfrastructure - Jarek Nabrzyski (University of Notre Dame)   (Lecture Hall NTI)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Computational Requirements for Climate Science - Peter Braesicke (KIT)   (Lecture Hall NTI)
11:30 From seismic stations to integrated data centers and computational facilities - Javier Quinteros (GFZ Potsdam)   (Lecture Hall NTI)
12:00 Indigo DataCloud - Isabel Campos (CSIC)   (Lecture Hall NTI)
12:30 --- Lunch break ---
14:00 Data management challenges in Astronomy and Astroparticle Physics - Giovanni Lamanna (LAPP/IN2P3)   (Lecture Hall NTI)
14:30 Science SQL: Advancing from Data to Service Stewardship - Peter Baumann (Jacobs University Bremen)   (Lecture Hall NTI)
15:00 --- Coffee break ---
15:30 How astronomy shares and reuses big and small data - Francoise Genova (Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre CDS)   (Lecture Hall NTI)
16:00 Data Management and Data Analysis in CLARIN-D - Erhard Hinrichs (Uni Tübingen)   (Lecture Hall NTI)