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Sep 27 – 30, 2016
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Strongly Coannihilating Dark Matter at the LHC

Sep 28, 2016, 2:00 PM
Seminar room 4a (DESY Hamburg)

Seminar room 4a

DESY Hamburg

Notkestrasse 85, 22607 Hamburg


Dr Maikel de Vries (JGU Mainz)


The coannihilation mechanism plays a crucial role in determining the DM relic abundance in a plethora of new physics models. Recently, a general classification of simplified models for this mechanism has been presented in the Coannihilation codex. In particular, the thermal relic abundance of a pure Standard Model singlet DM candidate can naturally be explained by coannihilation with a new colored partner in the dark sector. In these models direct and indirect detection modes are suppressed, however, LHC probes provide striking signatures. On the one hand, a mediator which connects the DM and its colored partner to the visible sector gives rise to a novel dijet resonance plus missing transverse energy final state. In the case where the mediator lies beyond LHC detection, self-annihilation of the colored partner through its strong interactions solely determines the relic abundance. The major LHC signature then is pair-production of the colored partner leading to jets plus missing transverse energy.

Primary author

Dr Maikel de Vries (JGU Mainz)

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