Good Scientific Practice for international PhD students

SR III (Campus Bahrenfeld/DESY, CFEL, building 99)


Campus Bahrenfeld/DESY, CFEL, building 99

Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg,
Helga Nolte (UHH, College for Good scientific Practice)
Want to learn more about good scientific practice?
This course wants to support doctoral students to develop a responsible professional conduct as  researchers. You will gain a general understanding of good scientific practice and scientific misconduct. It is highly recommended that PhD students in the early stages of their PhD research attend this talk, in particular international PhD students with little or no knowledge about scientific practice in Germany. The talk is based on the recommendations for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice, issued by the German Research Foundation (DFG).
The speaker is Mrs. Helga Nolte of Hamburg University's ombuds office.
All PhD students are welcome.

More information:

  • Anastasiya Melnik
  • Andrej Saibel
  • Anne Creon
  • Daniela Dominguez Damiani
  • David Fu
  • Ekaterina Zapolnova
  • Florian Biebl
  • Gustavo Álvarez
  • Ivonne Bernal
  • John Bekx
  • Kaja Schubert
  • Kevin Murray
  • Marco Hufnagel
  • Nicole Biedermann
  • Padam Ghimire
  • Raison Dsouza
  • Ramakrishna Vasireddi
  • Riccardo Nagar
  • Sarah Schroeder
  • Veronika Zelmanovich
  • Vlad Danilov
  • Xiangpeng Wang
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