Jul 19 – 21, 2017
DESY, Zeuthen
Europe/Berlin timezone

SP3: THz driven electron acceleration and streaking with a multilayer structure

Jul 20, 2017, 10:06 AM
SR3 (DESY, Zeuthen)


DESY, Zeuthen

Platanenallee 6 15738 Zeuthen Germany
Speedposter_Beam Dynamics and Photon Sources Speed-Posterpresentation: Beam Dynamics and Photon Sources


Dr Dongfang Zhang (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)


We present a THz-based electron accelerator and electron streak camera using a novel multilayer waveguide structure to utilize strong-field single-cycle THz pulses. It allows for very efficient electron acceleration and streaking using transversely-coupled short THz-waveguides with dielectric delay sections which realize phase-matching between electrons and a single-cycle THz pulse. Proof-of-concept experiments are described demonstrating 13 keV energy gain and femtosecond time resolution for 57 keV electron bunches from a DC-gun, which is in good agreement with simulation.

Primary author

Dr Dongfang Zhang (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)


Dr Anne-Laure Calendron (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Dr Arya Fallahi (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Dr Chun Zhou (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Dr Francois Lemery (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Prof. Franz X Kärtner (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Ms Frederike Ahr (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Dr Huseyin Cankaya (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Dr Moein Fakhari (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Dr Nicholas H Matlis (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Dr Wenchao Qiao (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Mr Wenqian Ronny Huang (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Dr Xiaojun Wu (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)

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