Aug 27 – 31, 2018
LVH, Luisenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin
Europe/Berlin timezone

Velocity dependent dark matter constraints from conversion of cross section in EFT.

Aug 28, 2018, 3:45 PM
LVH, Luisenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin

LVH, Luisenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin

<a href="" target="_blank"><b>LANGENBECK VIRCHOW HAUS</b></a> Luisenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin
Board: DM14
Poster (A0 portrait) Dark Matter Poster Session and Coffee Break


Mr Chao Zhang (IEXP/Univ.Hamburg)


The supersymmetric WIMP hypothesis is currently under scrutiny as there is no experimental result supporting the existence a lightest supersymmetric particle. The recent non-detection in large scale direct detection experiments has demonstrated that a broader approach towards dark matter particles is indicated. In this work, we show a simple approach to convert constraints/sensitivities from direct detection experiments into indirect constraints (and vice versa). This helps to use the complementary information provided by different dark matter search methods in a consistent way. Furthermore, the same approach is then useful to calculate the corresponding relic density under the assumption of thermal dark matter production.

Primary author

Mr Chao Zhang (IEXP/Univ.Hamburg)


Prof. Dieter Horns (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Hamburg)

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