Aug 27 – 31, 2018
LVH, Luisenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin
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Baryogenesis via leptogenesis in multi-field inflation

Aug 28, 2018, 3:45 PM
LVH, Luisenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin

LVH, Luisenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin

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Dr Nelson Videla (Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso)


In multi-field reheating after modular $j$-inflation we investigate the conditions under which baryogenesis via non-thermal leptogenesis can be successfully realized. We introduce three heavy right-handed neutrinos to the non-supersymmetric standard model of particle physics, assuming hierarchical neutrino masses. Considering a typical mass for the first right-handed neutrino of the order of $10^{11}~GeV$, suggested from the seesaw mechanism and also from concrete $SO(10)$ grand unification models, we obtain the allowed parameter space for viable baryogenesis. An upper bound for the inflaton mass as well as a lower bound for its branching ratio to the pair of lightest right-handed neutrinos are found and reported.

Primary author

Dr Nelson Videla (Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso)


Dr Grigorios Panotopoulos (Centro de Astrof{\'i}sica e Gravita{\c c}{\~a}o-CENTRA, Departamento de F{\'i}sica, Instituto Superior T{\'e}cnico-IST, Universidade de Lisboa-UL)

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