Wavefront Propagation Workshop

Daresbury Laboratory

Daresbury Laboratory

Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus Warrington WA4 4AD
Marco Zangrando (ELETTRA) , Marion Bowler (STFC)
The main aim of the workshop is to allow hands-on experience of using some of the wavefront codes, and more than half of the time will be dedicated to this. At least 2 codes will be available, the FOCUS code from Daresbury and OPC from the University of Twente. Speakers will include Bernd Schäfer from Laser Laboratorium Göttingen, Johannes Bahrdt, Peter van der Slot and Marion Bowler. Have a look at the agenda below (see: Material).
Report on the event
  • Aljoscha Wilhelm
  • Anthony Gleeson
  • Bernd Schäfer
  • Bernhard Flöter
  • Christopher Gerth
  • Cristian Svetina
  • Daniele Cocco
  • David Laundy
  • Elke Plönjes
  • Frank Siewert
  • Hannah Gerth
  • Johannes Bahrdt
  • Jörg Schwenke
  • Marco Zangrando
  • Marion Bowler
  • Mark Roper
  • Peter van der Slot
  • Rolf Mitzner
  • Ryszard Sobierajski
  • Torsten Leitner
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