Joint Theory Seminar of European XFEL, CFEL & University of Hamburg

High harmonic spectroscopy of ultrafast many-body dynamics in strongly correlated systems

by Rui Emanuel Ferreira da Silva (Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and short Pulse Spectroscopy, Berlin)

E1.172 (Schenefeld, Main Builing (XHQ))


Schenefeld, Main Builing (XHQ)

This work brings together two topics that, until now, have been the focus of intense but non-overlapping research efforts. The first concerns high harmonic generation in solids, which occurs when intense light field excites highly non-equilibrium electronic response in a semiconductor or a dielectric. The second concerns many-body dynamics in strongly correlated systems such as the Mott insulator. Here we show that high harmonic generation can be used to time-resolve ultrafast many-body dynamics associated with optically driven phase transition, with accuracy far exceeding one cycle of the driving light field. Our work paves the way for time-resolving highly non-equilibrium many body dynamics in strongly correlated systems, with few femtosecond accuracy.