European XFEL Seminar

Molecular emitters based on heterometal polynuclear complexes: some aspects of chemical design and photophysical properties

by Elena Grachova (Transition Clusters Chemistry Group, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University)

Room. E1.173 (XHQ)

Room. E1.173


Functional molecules that contain a combination of transition metals can demonstrate very interesting properties due to the synergetic effect of a combination of different nature metals in one system, for example multiply emission, partial intramolecular energy transfer, stimuli responsive emission, etc. All these features are connected directly with space organization of a heterometallic system and flexibility of organic skeleton which can make possible ‘switch on/switch off’ of various interactions inside of molecule. In the framework of the talk the general principles of heterometal polynuclear molecular emitters design will be presented. Two classes of supercompounds will be discussed (a) cluster complexes based on copper subgroup metals, and (b) polynuclear bridging complexes based on combination of mononuclear ‘building blocks’.