European XFEL Seminar

Multiple Timescale, in-Situ/Operando X-ray Spectroscopy and Scattering

by Xiaoyi Zhang (X-ray Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL)

XHQ / E1.173 (European XFEL)

XHQ / E1.173

European XFEL

Campus Schenefeld
Multiple-Timescale, Pump-Probe X-ray Spectroscopy and Scattering (MTX) uses pulsed laser as excitation source, interrogates with stroboscopic X-ray pulse snapshots. The beamline 11-ID-D of advanced photon source (APS) provides various MTX tools to investigate structural dynamics underlying energy conversion processes in chemistry and materials sciences across a time-domain that spans from the X-ray single-bunch pulse width (80 picosecond) through the microseconds timescale. Several examples that used MTX to track photo-induced electronic and structural changes will be presented, representing applications in different research fields. The coherent, high-energy X-ray beam characteristics of the upcoming APS upgrade opens doors to new, previously inaccessible time-resolved X-ray capabilities. This presentation will also discuss the future opportunities, impacts and challenges in time-resolved X-ray sciences utilizing the fourth-generation synchrotron source.