European XFEL Science Seminar

Towards non-linear X-ray Spectroscopy for material science with XFELs

by Dr Martin Beye (DESY)

Room. E1.173 (European XFEL, main building, Schenefeld)

Room. E1.173

European XFEL, main building, Schenefeld

On one hand, many non-linear spectroscopic techniques are well developed in the IR and visible region of the spectrum and can provide a superior understanding of the probed processes. On the other hand, soft X-ray spectroscopy is very informative through their element specificity, chemical selectivity and stringent selection rules. Therefore, the application of non-linear spectroscopic techniques in the soft X-ray region is desired and could provide superior probes for our understanding of materials and dynamics. This development often requires specifically flexible UHV instrumentation and a conceptual understanding of different desired and concurrent processes. The new MUSIX (multi-dimensional spectroscopy and inelastic scattering station) chamber - currently located at FLASH - is presented, which provides an environment to perform such experiments. Some data on the way towards non-linear spectroscopies is shown and major obstacles, as well as potential pathways around, are discussed.