MicroTCA.4 Basic Training

Seminar Room 304, Building 3 (DESY Hamburg)

Seminar Room 304, Building 3

DESY Hamburg


MicroTCA.4 Basics: Training for Beginners



  • Overview of standards: ATCA, AMC, MicroTCA
  • MicroTCA Details: building blocks - Command line interface
  • Installing the data plane
  • DESY tools to control MicroTCA.4 systems in FLASH/XFEL and Tesla project
  • NATview visualisation tool for MicroTCA system: ports, AMC, RTM, backplane, sensors
  • Installation of Linux drivers for Struck and TEWS AMC/RTM


Hands-On Sessions

  • Enabling and using the management plane
  • Configuring the data plane
  • Backplane viewer, sensors, FRU-Editor
  • Operating the MicroTCA.4 system