European XFEL Science Seminar

Water in coherent light

by Gerhard Grübel (DESY and The Hamburg Center for Ultrafast Imaging, CUI)

XHQ / E1.173 (European XFEL)

XHQ / E1.173

European XFEL

Campus Schenefeld
Water is undoubtedly the most important liquid on earth and plays an important role throughout various scientific disciplines ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and geoscience. It is well known that water shows many anomalous properties, such as density maxima and diverging thermodynamic properties under supercooled conditions. Despite its importance, most of those anomalies are not understood. It is believed that their origin lies in the complex hydrogen bond network of water. We will show how coherent X-rays from modern accelerator based light sources can contribute to a deeper understanding of the structure and dynamics of water.
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