High heat-load X-ray optics, related mechanical engineering R&D at LCLS

by Dr Lin Zhang (LCLS, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA)

109 (25b)



Abstract High heat-load X-ray optics development has been tremendously progressed since the arrival of 3rd generation synchrotron (SR) light sources (ESRF, APS, Spring-8,…) at the end of 1980th, the beginning of 1990th. With the emerging FEL and low (or diffraction limited) emittance SR light sources, wavefront preservation is new challenge for X-ray optics. This especially true for the high-repetition-rate hard X-ray FELs light sources such as Euro XFEL and LCLS-II, because the heat-load on X-ray optics can reach hundreds watt of average power and GW ~ PW extreme high peak power. In this talk, we will review minimizing thermal deformation of high heat-load X-ray optics by cooling design. This include water cooled mirror using smart notch design or REAL (Resistive Element Adjustable Length) cooling design, liquid nitrogen cooled silicon crystal monochromator modeling and experimental validation. Some crystal based optics for LCLS-II (-HE) will be briefly introduced. We will also present some mechanical engineering R&D works to prepare these optics.