Webinar on Innovation, Technology Transfer and Industrial Liaison.




IP and Commercialisation for research organisations – an introduction


What is Intellectual Property (IP)? What are the most important aspects relevant to a research organisation environment? How do you create IP, own it and commercialise it? How should IP be handled in the context of collaboration and research agreements? This webinar will give an introductory grounding in these topics so that common pitfalls can be avoided by those new to this area. The webinar is suitable for anyone involved in research and technology transfer activities looking for an accessible presentation on the key things to know.

The speakers are Dr Jagvir Singh Purewal and Dr Mark Connell, Senior Associates at Forresters IP. Jagvir is a practicing IP attorney (UK and European Patent Attorney) whose PhD is in Theoretical Physics. He advises a number of research organisations in relation to IP, patents and commercialisation activities. Jagvir has advisory strategy roles at the Quantum Technology Sensors Hub(UK), a collaboration of between multiple universities and 100+ industry partners, to provide strategic input on these areas. Mark is a UK and European Patent Attorney whose PhD is in Physical Chemistry. He is experienced in advising joint ventures in relation to IP protection and exploitation. Mark also provides IP due diligence opinions for clients seeking to acquire third party IP and freedom-to-operate opinions for clients seeking to assess the impact of third party IP rights on their proposed commercial activities.

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