European XFEL Science Seminar

The LUXE Experiment at the EU.XFEL

by Beate Heinemann (DESY and Freiburg University)

XHQ / E1.173 (European XFEL)

XHQ / E1.173

European XFEL

Campus Schenefeld
I will present the LUXE experiment which plans on using the European XFEL electron beam in Hamburg with an energy of 14-17.5 GeV and a high intensity optical laser to study non-perturbative QED phenomena. The main focus of the experiment will be the measurement of the rate of laser assisted electron-positron pair production in collisions of high energy photons with an intense laser beam and high intensity Compton scattering in electron-laser interaction. The design of the experimental setup, detector systems requirements and simulation results will be presented and discussed.
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