HEP Experiment-Theory DESY Pizza seminar

Seminar Room 1 (DESY)

Seminar Room 1


Claudia Seitz (DESY), Fady Bishara (DESY)
The goal of this new seminar series is to foster discussion and exchange between the various high energy physics groups at DESY. Specifically, we are trying to enhance the exchange between the experimental and theory community, with in-depth talks about a specific topic in a more informal setting. We will order pizza (vegetarian and meat options with cheese) to eat for lunch. In order to have a better estimate of how many people come, please click on the "Apply here" link below. We will collect 5 Euros from every participant who registers and wants to eat some pizza. If you have any specific food requirements (vegan, gluten free, etc.) please let us know in advance and we will see what we can do. If a reference paper exists, we will link it from the page and encourage you to read it before the seminar. In order to plan for future seminars we appreciate your input. Please add any topic suggestions you would find interesting to hear about in the google doc below.
  • Alejo Rossia
  • Andrea Cardini
  • Ayan Paul
  • Camila Machado
  • Christophe Grojean
  • Claudia Seitz
  • Emily Thompson
  • Fady Bishara
  • Jim Talbert
  • Jorge Sabater
  • Lais Schunk
  • Marc Montull
  • Mareike Meyer
  • Matthias Saimpert
  • Pascal Stienemeier
  • Riccardo Nagar
  • Sam Cunliffe
  • Stefan Richter
  • Valerie Lang
  • Xingguo Li
    • 11:45 12:15
      Diboson at LHC vs LEP 30m Seminar Room 3

      Seminar Room 3


      In particular, Marc will discuss the BSM theory implications of the WW measurements at the LHC
      Speaker: Marc Montull (DESY)