Grazing incidence diffraction at air-water interfaces at P08 - examples from lipid monolayer systems

by Dr Chen Shen (DESY)

109 (25b)



Organic films at the air-water interface are widely used as model systems, e.g. for biomembrane systems. At P08, the grazing incidence diffraction setup with Langmuir trough allows users to obtain the in-plane crystallographic order together with the out-of-plane structure of such interfacial layers. Recent developments on the setup have enabled the users to do structural studies during kinetic processes in situ, e.g. adsorption of ions and drugs to the lipid monolayers. Moreover, layer structures averaged over different length scales can be accessed, enabling the study of phase segregation in the films at the air-water interfaces. Results from the study on the interaction of antibiotic peptides with human membrane mimicking monolayers will be presented as an example.