European XFEL Seminar

Progress and Challenges in Delivering the ESS: Lessons Learned in Building World Leading Research Infrastructures

by Dimitri Argyriou (European Spallation Source ERIC)

E1.173 (XHQ E1.173)


XHQ E1.173

European XFEL Schenefeld Campus

In this presentation, I will discuss the progress in ESS construction and
focus on our recent technical, organizational and political challenges in
delivering the European Spallation Source. With the project 60% completed,
a shift to on-site installation drives the need for rapid re-alignment of
priorities with consequences on financing, project models and ways of
working. I will discuss details of recent and present challenges and the
way our team responded to these as well as provide a preview of some of
the upcoming issues we are preparing to face. The lessons learned are
relevant to all big-science project construction.