X-ray diffraction of tera-pascal per second x-ray diffraction using the dynamic-DAC

by Dr Rachel Husband (DESY)

109 (25b)



The compression of materials using diamond anvil cells (DACs) leads to significant changes in their interatomic distances, which in many cases induces phase transformations and/or changes in material properties. The rate in which pressure is applied to the sample can cause deviations from the equilibrium phase diagram such as rate-dependent phase transformation pathways and the formation of metastable phases, as well inducing changes in grain size or crystal morphology of the new phase. The study of materials at different compression rates is possible using piezo-driven DACs, in which compression rates up to 160 TPa/s have been achieved. A fast diffraction set-up has been developed at the Extreme Conditions Beamline (P02.2) to perform simultaneous time-resolved x-ray diffraction and imaging of samples as they are dynamically compressed. In this talk, experiments on materials Au, Bi, and Ga are described in order to illustrate the capabilities of this set-up.