European XFEL Seminar

SwissFEL: First Experiments and Future Outlook

by Christopher F. Milne (SwissFEL, Paul Scherrer Institut)

XHQ / E1.173 (European XFEL)

XHQ / E1.173

European XFEL

Campus Schenefeld
The Swiss X-ray free electron laser SwissFEL1 (Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland) recently completed its first year of user operation. This seminar will present an overview of the project, how it fits into the current global XFEL landscape, and some details on the research that has been performed since it achieved first light in 2017. Finally, an outlook for the future will be presented with details on the planned soft X-ray branch and experimental stations that will come online in the coming year. [1] Milne, C., Schietinger, T., et al. (2017). SwissFEL: The Swiss X-ray Free Electron Laser Applied Sciences 7(7), 720 - 57.
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