CSSB lecture hall and additional (DESY)

CSSB lecture hall and additional



The DESY WATER WEEK 2020 is the forum to report and discuss the status and future developments of the Centre for Molecular Water Science (CMWS) and a place for scientific exchange in the framework of the DESY Research Course 2020.

The CMWS shall bring together key experts from different areas of water-related sciences with the common goal of achieving a detailed molecular understanding of water. This includes the dynamic processes in water and at water interfaces, which are highly relevant for chemistry, biology, earth, and the environment as well as for technology. The scope of the CMWS will range from studies of the fundamental properties of water to its role in real-time chemical dynamics, and biochemical- and biological reactions. It will cover water in geophysics, climate and environment as well as energy research and technology. The research program will build on the suite of enabling technologies (coherent ultrafast imaging and scattering techniques, novel sample manipulation technologies) available in the unique Hamburg Light Sources environment as well as on our substantial expertise in simulation and theory. Cooperation with local, regional, national and international partners (both in Europe and overseas) via collaborative platforms and joint appointments will be a key ingredient of the centre from the very beginning.

This DESY WATER WEEK 2020 follows the CMWS workshop that took place in December 2018 and the DESY Research Course 2018 and International Symposium on “Trends in Water Research” held February 26 to March 1, 2018 at DESY. At these events the scientific goals of the CMWS have been identified and compiled in a CMWS “White Paper” defining the scope of the CMWS. A finalized version of this document shall be discussed and agreed upon during the DESY WATER WEEK 2020. We will furthermore report on the status of the Early Science Program and governance questions.

The DESY Research Course 2020 is an essential part of the DESY WATER WEEK 2020. This will be the 19th course in an annual series dedicated to Master, PhD-students and other interested scientists. The program of the Research Course will start on Thursday 27 with a 2-day lecture program on water related sciences (Thursday and Friday).

On Tuesday 25 at 7:30 pm Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif will give a public evening lecture in German language on the role of the oceans in climate change.

Registration is free of charge and should be made not later than 16.02.2020.

Gerhard Grübel
Melanie Schnell
Felix Lehmkühler
Claudia Goy
Matthias Kreuzeder

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