++ New dates to be determined ++ Terascale Monte-Carlo School 2020

Hannes Jung (DESY), Isabell-A. Melzer-Pellmann (DESY), Juergen Reuter (DESY), Kerstin Hoepfner (RWTH Aachen), Zoltan Nagy (DESY), judith katzy (desy)

+++ Due to the corona virus new dates to be determined. Possibly in spring 2021 +++

The Terascale alliance Monte Carlo school at DESY Hamburg is designed for master/PhD students and young postdocs. The school will cover Introduction (QCD, soft and collinear splitting, parton showers, Monte Carlo techniques, hadronisation, underlying events), Generation and usage of multi-leg NLO matrix, elements, Resummation, NLO and higher-order calculations, Heavy flavour and TMD. The tutorial will show how to fully calculate Feynman graphs.


The conference fee is 50 Euro and should be payed cash upon arrival.

  • Florian Lorkowski