Jul 13 – 17, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Poster Abstract Submission

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline
Abstract submission for talks in the parallel sessions

Please indicate in your submission which parallel session(s) is (are) most appropriate:

*Particle Physics
Session conveners:
    Wolfgang Altmanshofer,   waltmann@ucsc.edu
    Florian Goertz,   florian.goertz@mpi-hd.mpg.de
    Andreas Weiler,   andreas.weiler@tum.de

*Astroparticle physics
Session conveners:
    Yasaman Farzan,   yasaman@theory.ipm.ac.ir
    Kai Schmidt-Hoberg,   kai.schmidt-hoberg@desy.de
    Farinaldo Queiroz,   farinaldo.queiroz@iip.ufrn.br
    Werner Rodejohann,   werner.rodejohann@mpi-hd.mpg.de

Session conveners:
    Johanna Erdmenger,   erdmenger@physik.uni-wuerzburg.de
    Liam McAllister,   mlister@cornell.edu
    Timo Weigand,   timo.weigand@cern.ch

Session conveners:
    Kai Schmitz,   kai.schmitz@cern.ch
    Matteo Viel,   viel@sissa.it
    Ravi Sheth,   shethrk@physics.upenn.edu

Please select more than one session if appropriate. You can also select 'other' in case of doubt.
The call for abstracts is closed.