PHYSTAT-Flavour Workshop 2020

SR 4 (DESY Hamburg)

SR 4

DESY Hamburg


Workshop on Statistical Issues arising in data analyses of modern flavour experiments such as Belle, LHCb and NA62. The focus is on statistical and systematical uncertainties of measurements ranging from highest to lowest precision, and the optimal modelling of signals and backgrounds. Together with invited statisticians the most urgent problems and (new) solution approaches are discussed.

Tentative Agenda Outline:

  • 1. Day Morning
    • Introductory talks on
      •   statistics - recent developments
      •   statistical issues in flavour experiments
  • 1. Day Afternoon:
    • Likelihoods and confidence intervals estimation
      • problems with degenerate likelihoods and  physical boundaries
      • CLs versus Feldman-Cousins vs Bayesian etc.
      • weighted events  
      • evaluation of likelihoods
      • publishing likelihoods
      • combining measurements
  • 2. Day Morning:
    • Systematic uncertainty treatment
      • profiling vs marginalising
      • priors 
      • template morphing and smoothing
      • modelling of the resolution function
      • background modelling uncertainties
      • theory uncertainties
      • fits to flavour data and treatment of data uncertainties in them
  • 2. Day Afternoon:
    • Session:
      •  contributed talks
      •  statisticians talks
  • 3. Day Morning:
    • Session: Applications in Machine learning
      •  model-independent anomaly detection
    • Highlight talks
  • 3. Day Early Afternoon:
    • physicist's summary talk
    • statistician's summary talk