Particle and Astroparticle Physics Colloquium Hamburg

Quantum Universe Colloquium

Zoom (Hamburg)




Paul Wedrich: Cohomology theories in quantum topology

The last two decades have seen the rise of powerful cohomological and categorical techniques in low-dimensional topology, which have led to the development of a novel class of invariants of knots, links, braids, and manifolds of dimensions 3 and 4. This talk will introduce Khovanov homology, the prototypical example of a link homology theory, and then proceed to survey connections to research areas in mathematics and physics, illustrate applications, and outline recent developments and future directions.

Freya Blekman: The top quark as the gateway to new physics at the LHC

In many models of physics beyond the standard model the coupling of new physics to third generation quarks is enhanced or signatures are expected that mimic top production. In this mini-colloquium I will discuss how we use top quarks at the LHC to search for new physics beyond the standard model, and how that ties to the QU efforts and my plans as a new senior staff member at DESY and Universit√§t Hamburg. 


Timo Weigand: Quantum Gravity: From Conjectures to Theorems

The so-called Swampland Programme aims at formulating general principles which every consistent quantum theory of gravity has to satisfy. This has lead to a growing web of interrelated conjectures ranging from almost uncontroversial statements - such as the absence of free parameters in a quantum gravity - to heavily debated speculations, whose foundations are yet to be understood. Confronting these general ideas with string theory as a concrete proposal for a quantum gravity offers the unique opportunity to quantitatively test the Swampland criteria of quantum gravity in a well-defined framework. This short talks briefly exemplifies some of the surprising connections to modern mathematics which present themselves through this endeavour and from which both mathematics and physics are likely to benefit.



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