X-ray Powder Diffraction at DESY - new opportunities for research and industry

DESY Hamburg

DESY Hamburg

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The postponed
X-ray Powder Diffraction at DESY
workshop will be held as online event!



In order to identify current and future scientific and industrial demands in X-ray powder diffraction applications a virtual workshop will be held on June 22th - 25th 2020. This workshop will gather the input from the user community on how to evolve and enhance the methods and techniques provided within the existing PETRA III diffraction stations as well as beyond. The workshop is meant to serve as a melting pot for new ideas from science and industry. The aim is to identify key aspects and provide DESY with a community backed concept for current and future developments (e.g. development of new beamlines at PETRA III / PETRA IV). We strongly encourage all interested researchers and companies to participate. All presentations on research and applications within the scope of “Powder Diffraction” are welcome, from specific needs right now to scientific visions at the horizon of technology.

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