European XFEL Seminar

Online Event: COVID-19 research opportunities & call for rapid access expressions of interest at European XFEL

Zoom meeting (Video Conference)

Zoom meeting

Video Conference


09 June 2020 17:30 (CEST, Schenefeld/Hamburg time)

COVID-19-related research opportunities at European XFEL and the currently open call for expressions of interest in rapid access (deadline 17 June 2020) will be discussed during this online event hosted by the European XFEL User Organization Executive Committee (UOEC). Please refer to agenda and access data below.

Speakers will take questions between every talk and a Q&A session will take place at the end of the event. Participants are invited to send their questions in advance of the meeting to or type in their question at any time in the Q&A section of Zoom.

The online event can be accessed via the Zoom video conferencing service as follows:
Password: 654575

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Meeting chairs:

  • Allen Orville (EuXFEL User Organization Executive Committee Chair / XFEL Hub at Diamond Light Source) and
  • Andrea Eschenlohr (EuXFEL User Organization Executive Committee Vice-Chair / University Duisburg Essen)


  • Introduction (Robert Feidenhans’l, Managing Director) (10+5 mins)
  • Facility update (Sakura Pascarelli, Scientific Director, Hard X-Ray Instruments) (10+5 mins)
  • COVID-19 rapid access scheme and procedures (Silvia Bertini, User Office) (10+5 mins)
  • Opportunities for Structural Biology at the SPB-SFX instrument (Adrian Mancuso, SPB/SFX Instrument) (10+5 mins)
  • Open to questions (30 mins)


More facility staff ready to take your questions:

  • Hans Fangohr (Data Analysis)
  • Dmitry Khakhulin (FXE Instrument)
  • Kristina Lorenzen (User laboratories)
  • Anders Madsen (MID Instrument)
  • Serguei Molodtsov (Scientific Director, Soft X-ray Instruments)
  • Andreas Scherz (SCS Instrument)
  • Joachim Schulz (Sample Environment and Characterization)
  • Tommaso Mazza (SQS Instrument)