Quantum Universe Lectures

What you always wanted to know about detectors but never dared to ask! — Basics on detectors for experts from other fields (3/3)

by Ingrid-Maria Gregor (DESY/Uni Bonn)

https://uni-hamburg.zoom.us/j/92293543262 (Passcode: 97540703)


Passcode: 97540703


In this lecture series I will give an overview of large experiments for particle physics and explain why they are designed as they are. Detector classification like “tracking detectors” or “calorimeter” will be introduced, with some examples how this is put into reality. Typical acronyms will be explained. The basics of the detection concepts underlying each type will be covered. Examples from current detectors, for example at the LHC, will give some more insights to the most popular technologies.
Finally, some examples of physics measurements that in the past were limited by the detector performance will help to understand the beauty of current high-energy physics detectors.