Webinar on Innovation, Technology Transfer and Industrial Liaison.


Company culture and talent management: key assets to drive successful innovation and business growth.


Company culture and talent management are often underestimated but crucial issues in driving the success or failure of any type of business strategy, being this a merger/acquisition of a startup, or an internal innovation program to design new products/services.

Based on practical cases, we´ll learn how to build and apply an innovation-led cultural framework:

• To manage the integration of external capabilities within a business organization after an M&A;

• To map, retain and fully exploit the internal talent for designing new products/services or launch new ventures.


 Alberto Ratti (MBA), is a Barcelona based entrepreneur with +15 years professional backgrounds on supporting business growth through business strategy, access to funds, and internationalization for diverse types of organizations, including startups, advisory firms,government agencies and research centers. He is currently Managing Partner and co-founder of Gellify Iberia, an innovation and technology advisory firm, resulting from the M&A with its previously founded business, BIBA Venture Partners, and the Gellify Group. Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertoratti/


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