Quantum technology seminar | Quantum Information Processing with Spins

by Jörg Wrachtrup (Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Stuttgart)

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting


Spins are ideal quantum bits [1]. Their quantum states can be controlled with unprecedented accuracy and e.g. qubit coherence times of up to 6h have been shown. So far, small quantum registers with up to 10 spins and noisy intermediate-scale quantum computing with up to 30 spins have been shown [2]. Scaling spin systems to larger systems is presently subject of intense research. In the talk, I will discuss the fabrication spin quantum registers and highlight some of their uses e.g. in signal analysis, quantum error correction or long-distance quantum communication.

[1] D. Awschalom et al. Nature Photon. 12, 516 (2018)
[2] M. Atatüre et al. Nature Rev. Mat. 3, 38 (2018)
[3] N. Morioka et al. Nature Com. 11, 2516 (2020)

Looking forward to stimulating discussions, the DESY FS-QT task force
(Martin Beye, Ralf Röhlsberger, Kai Rossnagel, Robin Santra, Andreas Stierle, Hans-Christian Wille)


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