PETRA IV Workshop - Earth, Environment, and Materials for Nanoscience and Information Technology




Recently, DESY has opened a call for PETRA IV scientific instrumentation, where researchers from all fields of science were asked to submit proposals for experiments (see indico page).

The workshop "Earth, Environment, and Materials for Nanoscience and Information Technology" is one out of four PETRA IV workshops dedicated to science and instrumentation and organized within the process of developing the PETRA IV scientific instrumentation proposals.

The workshops are aiming to strengthen the scientific exchange among different user communities. Here the emphasis will be on bringing together current and future users working in the field of Earth, Environment, Nanoscience, or Information Technology to exchange creative and interdisciplinary ideas and trends as well as identifying beamline parameters required to enable potential experiments at PETRA IV.

This workshop has a scientific focus with mostly scientifically-driven presentations. It is encouraged to include ideas for PETRA IV instrumentation into the scientific talks in order to identify synergies for an optimal PETRA IV beamline portfolio.

This workshop will be an online workshop.

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Organization Committee: F. Trinter, O. Wendt, F. Lehmkühler, M. Hoesch, G. Falkenberg, C. Schlueter, F. Westermeier, M. Sprung, S. Roth, S. Haas, F. Bertram, G. Grübel, E. Welter, R. Farla, H.-P. Liermann, K. Glazyrin, S. Francoual, H. Gretarsson, L. Bocklage, S. Techert, V. Vonk, I. Sergeev, M. Etter, M. Müller, C. Krywka, P. Staron, A. Stierle, D. Novikov, M. v. Zimmermann, K. Rossnagel, M. Beye, T. Jahnke, M. Schnell, J. Küpper, M. Martins, K. Bagschik, S. Klumpp, O. Seeck, H. C. Wille, M. Kreuzeder

    • Opening Session: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Kai Bagschik
      • 1
        Speaker: Christian Schroer (DESY)
      • 2
        Zoom Session Netiquette
        Speaker: Kai Bagschik (DESY)
    • Enabling Technologies (Techniques): -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Kai Bagschik
      • 3
        Bragg Coherent Diffraction Imaging from PETRA III to PETRA IV
        Speaker: Ivan Vartaniants (DESY)
      • 4
        Coherent Magnetic Imaging
        Speaker: Bastian Pfau (Max-Born-Institut)
    • 10:00 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Quantum Materials: Magnetic, Spin, and Correlated Systems I.: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Kai Rossnagel, Moritz Hoesch
      • 5
        Perspectives of Soft X-ray Coherent Imaging at PETRA-IV
        Speaker: Felix Büttner (HZB Berlin)
      • 6
        Diffraction and phase transitions of 3D charge-density-wave compounds
        Speaker: Sander van Smaalen (Bayreuth)
      • 7
        IRIXS -- Resonant inelastic scattering with tender x-rays
        Speaker: Bernhard Keimer (MPI Stuttgart)
      • 11:15 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 8
        Uniaxial strain and high magnetic field nuclear forward scattering and synchrotron Mössbauer spectroscopy – Probing quantum materials under explicit symmetry breaking
        Speaker: Hans-Henning Klauss (TU Dresden)
      • 9
        Inelastic x-ray scattering beyond the dipole limit: a new and powerful experimental method
        Speaker: Hao Tjeng (MPI Dresden)
      • 10
        poster flash presentations
        Speaker: poster presenters
    • 12:30 PM
      Lunch Break
    • Thin Films and Nanostructures for Functional Devices - in situ Growth, Coating, and operando Characterization: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Christoph Schlueter, Florian Bertram
      • 11
        Operando studies of ferroelectric devices
        Speaker: Beatriz Noheda (University of Groningen)
      • 12
        Memory devices for neuromorphic information processing
        Speaker: Hermann Kohlstedt (Uni Kiel)
      • 13
        Functional magnetic and electronic oxides explored by hard X-rays
        Speaker: Martina Müller (Uni Konstanz)
      • 2:30 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 14
        HAXPES for future electronic materials and devices
        Speaker: Anna Regoutz (University College, London)
      • 15
        Flexible and Conductive Silver-Nanowire Polymer Composites - Current Research and Future Perspectives
        Speaker: Michael Rübhausen (Uni Hamburg)
      • 16
        In situ growth of epitaxial thin films
        Speaker: Joachim Wollschläger (Uni Osnabrück)
    • 3:45 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Poster Session -- based on -- (Please read the instructions listed on this indico page)

      -- based on -- (Please read the instructions listed on this indico page)


    • Enabling Technologies (Techniques): -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Kai Bagschik
      • 17
        Towards K- Microscopy at Petra IV
        Speaker: Katerina Medjanik (JGU Mainz)
      • 18
        Large Volume Press (LVP): exploration of high pressures and temperatures on mm-sized samples at PETRA III and PETRA IV
        Speaker: Robert Farla (DESY)
      • 19
        Bragg diffraction based microscopy: exploiting resolution in space and time
        Speaker: Tobias Schulli (ESRF)
    • 10:00 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Quantum Materials: Magnetic, Spin, and Correlated Systems II.: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Hlynur Gretarsson and Christoph Schlueter
      • 20
        Depth-resolved high resolution hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy of quantum materials
        Speaker: Kalobaran Maiti (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
      • 21
        Electronic structure of nanostructured devices probed by nanoARPES
        Speaker: Soren Ulstrup (Aarhus University)
      • 22
        Momentum microscopy of complex quantum materials with hard x-rays
        Speaker: Ralph Claessen (Würzburg)
      • 11:15 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 23
        Exploring slow magnetic dynamics using speckle spectroscopy
        Speaker: Elizabeth Blackburn (Lund)
      • 24
        Topological transitions and emergence in magnetic mesospins
        Speaker: Björgvin Hjörvarsson (UPPSALA)
      • 25
        X-ray magnetic circular dichroism in low-dimensional quantum spin systems
        Speaker: Lino da Costa Pereira (KU Leuven)
    • Lunch Break
    • Fundamental Studies in the Gas Phase: Photo-Induced Reactions of Atoms, Molecules, and Clusters: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Florian Trinter, Kai Bagschik Online



      • 26
        Towards a Photon-Ion-Electron correlation spectrometer for studies of structure and dynamics of polyatomic systems
        Speaker: Raimund Feifel (University of Gothenburg)
      • 27
        Perspectives for Photon-Ion Merged-Beams Experiments at PETRA IV
        Speaker: Stefan Schippers (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
      • 28
        eCOMO, a new endstation for controlled molecule experiments
        Speaker: Sebastian Trippel (CFEL)
      • 2:30 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 29
        Perspectives in High Resolution Electron Spectroscopy in the soft and tender x-ray region in gas phase
        Speaker: Marc Simon (Sorbonne Université)
      • 30
        Perspectives for Nuclear Quantum Optics
        Speaker: Ralf Röhlsberger (DESY)
      • 31
        Fundamental Studies in the Gas Phase using COLTRIMS Reaction Microscopes
        Speaker: Till Jahnke (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)
    • 3:45 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Extreme Pressure & Temperature Research in the Field of Earth Science: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Robert Farla, Hanns-Peter Liermann
      • 32
        Insitu rock deformation and liquids under extreme conditions - the value of specialized LVPs at PETRA IV
        Speaker: Melanie Sieber (Uni. Potsdam, GFZ)
      • 33
        Modeling and understanding of planetary interiors by in-situ high pressure and high temperature XRD and X-ray imaging
        Speaker: Clemens Prescher (Uni Freiburg, DESY)
      • 34
        Shaping the future of extreme condition science for the Earth and Environment: a unique synergy of diffraction and spectroscopy at PETRA IV
        Speaker: Ingrid Blanchard (Uni Potsdam)
      • 5:00 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 35
        Electronic structure and bonding properties of light-element compounds at conditions of planetary interiors
        Speaker: Christian Sternemann (TU Dortmund)
      • 36
        Scientific Instrument Proposal for Nuclear Resonance Scattering instrument at extreme conditions in the field of Earth Sciences
        Speaker: Ilya Kupenko (Uni. Münster)
      • 37
        Mimicking planetary interiors and violent impacts by dynamic compression experiments
        Speaker: Dominik Kraus (Uni Rostock)
    • Enabling Technologies (Techniques): -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Kai Bagschik
      • 38
        The DESY NanoLab and PETRA IV
        Speaker: Andreas Stierle (DESY)
      • 39
        Nuclear Resonant Scattering: Opportunities at PETRA IV
        Speaker: Ilya Sergeev (DESY)
      • 40
        Densely spaced, parts-per-billion-reproducible x-ray photon energy standards
        Speaker: Jose Ramon Crespo Lopez-Urrutia (MPI Heidelberg)
    • 10:00 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Structure of Nanomaterials and Nanoparticles during growth, in-situ and operando conditions: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Vedran Vonk
      • 41
        Nuclear resonant scattering with nanofocused beam at Petra IV
        Speaker: Svetoslav Stankov (KIT)
      • 42
        Probing local structure in metallic and oxide nanoparticles by in-situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy
        Speaker: Janis Timoshenko (FHI)
      • 43
        Using X-rays as in situ and in operando probe of semiconductor nanostructures
        Speaker: Jesper Wallentin (Lund)
      • 11:15 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 44
        In situ strain imaging and defect dynamics during the catalysis
        Speaker: Hyunjung Kim (Sogang University, South Korea)
      • 45
        Insights into the formation of artificial biohybrid materials: Investigating the formation of nanoparticles inside protein containers
        Speaker: Tobias Beck (UHH)
      • 46
        Opportunities for diffraction-based temporally and spatially resolved nanostructure studies in situ with small beams
        Speaker: Simon Billinge (Colombia/Brookhaven)
    • 12:30 PM
      Lunch Break
    • Glasses and Amorphous Solids: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Michael Sprung
      • 47
        X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy experiments on oxide glasses
        Speaker: Giulio Monaco (Department of Physics, University of Trento, Italy)
      • 48
        A dynamical view at polyamorphism in glass-formers
        Speaker: Beatrice Ruta (University of Lyon/CNRS )
      • 49
        Connecting structure to the micro-mechanics and macro-scale fracture toughness of a laser-processed BMG using micro-focussed high-energy X-rays at PETRA III
        Speaker: James Best (Structure and Nano- / Micromechanics of Materials, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Düsseldorf, GERMANY)
      • 2:30 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 50
        Study of thermal and mechanical stability of metallic glasses using synchrotron radiation
        Speaker: Jozef Bednarcik (Faculty of Science, Institute of Physics, P.J. Safarik University in Kosice)
      • 51
        Multiscale relaxation of permanently densified glass using SAXS and WAXS
        Speaker: Dominique de Ligny (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, FAU)
      • 52
        Wrap-up Discussion
        Speaker: Michael Sprung (DESY)
    • 3:45 PM
      Coffee Break
    • CMWS Research in Molecular Physics, Astrochemistry, and Atmospheric Science: -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Melanie Schnell, Florian Trinter
      • 53
        CMWS Overview
        Speaker: Melanie Schnell (DESY)
      • 54
        Water and aerosols in the atmosphere: where we are and where we are going
        Speaker: Nonne Prisle (University of Oulu)
      • 55
        Photoelectron spectroscopy of liquid jets at SOLEIL
        Speaker: Christophe Nicolas (Synchrotron SOLEIL)
      • 56
        Comet and Interstellar Ice and the Molecular Origins of Life
        Speaker: Uwe Meierhenrich (Université Côte d'Azur)
      • 5:10 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 57
        Protein complex dissociation with soft X-rays
        Speaker: Charlotte Uetrecht (Heinrich-Pette-Institut)
      • 58
        Operando soft-X-ray PES measurements from electrode-electrolyte interfaces
        Speaker: Robert Seidel (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)
      • 59
        Investigation of heterogeneous chemical reactions at liquid-vapor interfaces with XPS
        Speaker: Hendrik Bluhm (Fritz-Haber-Institut)
    • Non-destructive Analysis of Environmental, Geochemical, and Cultural Heritage Samples under Ambient Conditions: -- Blue Zoom Room --, Chair: Gerald Falkenberg, Edmund Welter
      • 60
        Application of XAS in Environmental Sciences
        Speaker: Christian Mikutta
      • 61
        Investigation of metal(loid) distribution and speciation in plants by µXRF and µXANES on frozen-hydrated and living samples
        Speaker: Hendrik Kuepper (Czech Academy of Sciences)
      • 62
        Preservation of organic matter in soil: Nano-imaging and spectroscopy from carbon to phosporus
        Speaker: Karin Eusterhues (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
      • 5:00 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 63
        Synchrotron Radiation for (painted) Cultural Heritage
        Speaker: Frederik Vanmeert
      • 64
        Micro-spectroscopy in Earth Science
        Speaker: Max Wilke (Universität Potsdam)
      • 65
        Quantitative large volume main and trace element tomography for sample return missions
        Speaker: Frank Brenker (Goethe University Frankfurt)
    • Summary / Close Out: (Open end) -- Red Zoom Room --, Chair: Kai Bagschik, Stephan Klumpp, Christian Schroer, Hans-Christian Wille, Oliver Seeck