15 September 2020
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15 Sep 2020, 10:05



Commercial analytical research organisations (CAROs) are profit-seeking micro and small sized private companies acting as an intermediary between research infrastructures and industrial customers, providing targeted support and consultation based on analytical research and measurement services in a variety of fields on a contractual basis. Due to their high degree of specialization they are internationally sought-after, as they act as absolute specialist experts in their area. However, there are still very few established businesses in this area of expertise in Europe so far. How do successful CAROs work, collaborate and excel? Meet their CEOs and find out.

The way we work: Impulse by Anna Stenstam, CEO of CR Compentence AB (Sweden)
o How do we work?
o How to start a CARO and run a successful business?
o What’s its USP?
o What are the major challenges for CAROs?

The way we solve challenges: Impulse by Bernhard Hesse, CEO of Xploraytion GmbH (Germany)
o Being empowered to start a business
o How to facilitate cooperation and solution seeking between different parties (CARO & Industry & RI)
o How to access an RI? Possible solutions & opportunities

The way we earn money: Impulse by Simon Jacques, Managing Director of Finden Ltd (UK)
o The startup story of Finden Ltd
o Talking about the “portfolio solution of gathering money”
o Knowledge loop back to RI (software development)

Followed by a short panel discussion with the 3 CEOs

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