MicroTCA.4 Advanced Training

online on Zoom (DESY Hamburg)

online on Zoom

DESY Hamburg

Cagil Guemues (DESY), Jan Marjanovic (DESY), Nadja Mäder (DESY)

MicroTCA.4 Advanced: Users, who have done MicroTCA.4 Basics training or have deep MicroTCA.4 knowledge


  • MicroTCA architecture
  • IPMI, ipmi tool, ipmiconsole
  • Clock Module Configuration on MCH
  • JTAG Switch Module (JSM)
  • Redundancy in MicroTCA
  • Advanced PCIe
  • MicroTCA.4.1
  • Designing HW boards in MicroTCA
  • FPGA Development Tips on MicroTCA
  • Next generation MicroTCA

Hands-On Sessions

  • IPMI, ipmitool
  • PCI Express, Hot Plug and Hot Swap
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