European XFEL Science Seminar

Measuring photo-induced dynamics in the attosecond time-domain

by Jon Marangos (Blackett Laboratory Extreme Light Consortium, Imperial College London)

Zoom meeting (Online)

Zoom meeting


I will discuss X-ray spectroscopy based approaches to measure ultrafast electronic dynamics and electronic-nuclear coupling in photoexcited processes with time-resolution into the attosecond domain. I will present our recent work using HHG based attosecond X-ray sources and X-ray FEL based few-femtosecond and attosecond pulses in such measurements. One recent application of our laboratory based HHG system has been in studying the exciton photo-physics in organic semiconductors and I will present results and a discussion of these measurements. Using the LCLS X-ray FEL running with in “fresh-sliced” mode to generate few-femtosecond two-colour two-pulse we have been able to measure ultrafast correlation driven dynamics of Auger inactive hole states in isopropanol for the first time. We have been collaborating with the team at LCLS to develop methodologies for using XFEL based attosecond pulses and I will touch on these. Finally I will give a brief overview of the currently running UK XFEL Science Project that may be of interest to this audience.

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