Introduction Research Information System (RIS/FIS)

Zoom (Online)




We are offering an introduction to Hamburg University's research information system (RIS/FIS) for UHH scientists involved in Quantum Universe.

The FIS allows to collect all publications and other research output in a university database. Only publications entered in FIS can be displayed on the QU website. FIS entries can then easily be used to also display publication lists on institute websites (set up in the current Fiona CMS).

The idea is to give a step-by-step introduction on how to access FIS and import own publications from online sources, set up automated searches etc.

To join the workshop, please connect to our Zoom meeting:
Meeting ID: 949 4058 8258
Passcode: 11962466

FIS FAQs (only German)
FIS Manual (only German)
  • Alexander Heinrich
  • Danu Thung
  • Dieter Horns
  • Jochen Liske
  • Kerstin Tackmann
  • Lisa Brase
  • Michael Grefe
  • Sascha Diefenbacher
  • Shreevathsa C. S.
    • 13:00 13:05
      Welcome 5m
      Speaker: Dr Michael Grefe (Universität Hamburg)
    • 13:05 14:30
      FIS introduction 1h 25m
      Speakers: Alexander Heinrich (UHH), Dr Lisa Brase (UHH)