1-3 December 2020
Virtual Workshop via Zoom
Europe/Berlin timezone

Multi-Channel Piezo Driver Boards

2 Dec 2020, 15:20
Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Workshop Meeting room: https://desy.zoom.us/j/98158910820
Talk Software & Firmware Session 5


Peter Jänker (Piezotechnics GmbH)


Electromechanically systems are irreplaceable in nearly every technical product. In this technical family piezo converter have a very unique selling proposition: high dynamics, ultra-precision, and very high forces per size. They are used for sensor as well as actuation purposes. Piezo actuators have rather small stroke capability. Thus, they are ideal for high tech systems which require high dynamics and or ultra­-precision. Piezo is ideal for micro and nano-positioning systems with unrivaled resolution and control capabilities.

PIEZOTECHNICS manufactures and supplies specialized electronics for piezo drives. For the market of high energy particle accelerators Piezotechnics supply piezo driver for MTCA systems. Piezotechnics produce under DESY licence the 4-channel piezo driver “PZT4”. In last two years more than ninety units were supplied to accelerator labs und are running with high reliability in prominent experiments.

Further developments of Piezotechnics are directed to expand product range and service for their customers. In the MTCA market a 8-channel is in development.

Primary author

Peter Jänker (Piezotechnics GmbH)

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