Dec 1 – 3, 2020
Virtual Workshop via Zoom
Europe/Berlin timezone

MicroTCA used in the Dark Matter experiment ALPS

Dec 2, 2020, 5:10 PM
Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Workshop Meeting room:
Talk Applications in research facilities Session 6


Sven Karstensen (FLA (FEL Forschung))


Light through a wall - The ALPS experiment is a seemingly proposal to make “light shine through a wall”. To achieve this, a laser beam is directed through a powerful magnetic field generated by decommissioned dipole magnets from the HERA ring accelerator. In the event that WISPs (weakly interacting sub-eV particles) do actually exist, some of the photons (particles of light) in the laser beam should disappear and change into lightweight particles (Axion). Installed in the middle between the magnets is a wall that stops the laser beam. The theory is that any WISPs produced would be able to pass through the wall – since they react so rarely with other particles, solid matter is no obstacle for them.

To achieve the necessary measurement results, TEWS TAMC532 MicroTCA ADCs are used here in a completely different way, as they are used in High Energy experiments or accelerators like FLASH or XFEL. Instead of getting a 10 Hz trigger, they have to be used in a way to measure constantly with 16kHz triggers over months without any interruption and a highly stable timing source.

In this talk it will be shown how the technical implementation has been done inside the DOOCS control system at DESY.

Primary authors

Sven Karstensen (FLA (FEL Forschung)) Tim Wilksen (DESY) Ludwig Petrosyan (DESY) Holger Kay (DESY)

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