MagStREXS: a Magnetic Crystallographic Software for REXS

by Pablo Javier Bereciartua Perez (FS-PETRA-S (FS-PET-S Fachgruppe P09))




REXS is a powerful technique to determine magnetic structures. It is element and electronic shell selective, has high momentum resolution, allows to investigate small samples and makes possible the magnetic structure determination of compounds with highly neutron absorbing elements like Gd, Sm, Cd, Eu, or Dy. However, there are no specific software tools allowing a systematic REXS diffraction data analysis. Most users struggle with their data, which slows down or even prevents the successful analysis and publication of results.
MagStREXS is a magnetic crystallographic software that is being developed at P09 beamline to overcome this lack of suitable tools to facilitate this analysis to users that are not specialist in this technique. In this talk we will provide an overview on MagStREXS, its main features, current status, and future perspectives.