NXTC-training for people switching to NXTC - NXTC Umsteigerschulung (engl.)

3/122 (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg


NXTC-Training for people switching to NX


Written registration for this training is necessary .

Please send your request to ipp-support@desy.de


  • Being able to work with NXTC
  • Being able to design parts, assemblies and drawings in NX
  • Managing data in Teamcenter


  • Experience in the use of at least one 3D CAD program (SolidEdge, I-DEAS, or comparable product)
  • Basic knowledge in design methods for mechanical engineering orcomparable field


  • Basics and handling TC/NX
  • Creating and editing volume models
  • Create and modify form features
  • Basics of custom form features
  • Sketches, parametric construction with wire geometries
  • Assembly-Management
  • Associative linking conditions between components
  • Reference sets, layers and load options
  • Preparation for release and TC workflow
  • Information and analysis functions
  • Create drawings
  • Creating and editing section and detail views
  • Creating and editing dimensions and symbols
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