Intelligent Process Control Seminar

Helmholtz AI for accelerator physics - an introduction and a showcase

by Helene Hoffmann (HZDR) , Peter Steinbach (HZDR)

459 (30b)



Zoom virtual access: <br> <br> Meeting ID 321 562 3178 <br> Password 426314

Helmholtz AI has been established to support scientists across the Helmholtz Society and across domains. The consultant team at HZDR was put in place to focus their support on matter research. That includes accelerator physics. In this talk, we will revisit the available resources of Helmholtz AI and discuss a voucher at XFEL.

To run experiments using the European XFEL it is essential that the synchronization lasers work correctly. Damage to such a laser renders the conducted experiments useless, but it is, however, not obvious when such damage occurs. Therefore, we developed a method to automatically detect a defective function of the laser using the laser's sensor data in a machine learning pipeline. Using only data from the healthy system for training the used clustering algorithm can detect whether unseen data is from a damaged or healthy system.